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 3 Ideas for More Storage in Unusual SpacesPosted in: Home Organizing Tips by   |   0 Comment22Nov

As a California Closets design consultant in Las Vegas, I see some interesting designs and architecture. Vegas homes all seem to have unusual or odd spaces that the builders considered decorative but that we all know are the bane of our existence! Can you relate where you live?

Weird alcoves, angles, cut-outs, tiny storage spaces or dust-catcher ledges, whatever we call them, they are ultimately a waste of space.

But there is hope for these misfit spaces: custom built-in storage.

When you create custom storage solutions in unique or odd places, you can have organization and beautiful design too.

Here are some designs that will get you thinking about the possibilities for your spaces:

1. Work the angles.

Angled walls can be intimidating, but they’re perfect for extra storage. In this system, we have full height and lower cabinets with a matching counter top in Antique White. This odd space can now be used to store plastic bins full of belongings in the cabinets and display accessories on the countertop.

Don't let an angled ceiling scare you off. Storage options abound!

2. Design the entryway.

It’s important to get organized as soon as you get home, otherwise clutter spreads throughout your house. A short shallow alcove at the entry can be designed with built-in shelving providing organization for shoes, purses, and backpacks. In this example, we designed shelving using a rich Windsor Mahogany finish.

A small space can actually be the perfect spot to store belongings as you come in the door.

3. Go vertical.

Remember to use your vertical space, you’d be amazed how much real estate it opens up. Here, a tall and narrow niche was turned into shoe storage just big enough to hold one pair of shoes in clear plastic shoe containers. Sounds small, but it actually opened up storage space for twelve pairs of shoes. A simple white finish made this closet system complete.

  Some years ago, I was a fashion designer and I made custom clothing, but after doing that for 10 years, I wanted another challenge. Interior Design seemed like a natural progression and a way to use my creativity and design skills in another way. I decided to go back to school and graduated from the Art Institute of Las Vegas, receiving my bachelor's degree in Interior Design. It was the best career decision I could have made! I love that I can come into a client's home and help them transform a room making it not only beautiful, but functional too! Being able to work directly with the client and seeing how the finished design makes them happy is one of the best things about being a designer.