Wall Beds Lancaster

Adding an extra room to your home is an expensive and time consuming solution that you may or may not be prepared for. What if there was a way to create an extra bedroom in the same square footage you already have? With wall beds Lancaster from California Closets, we have the experience necessary to do just that. Let go of the outdated image of a wearisome wall bed and embrace our collection of contemporary wall beds Lancaster.

Luxurious Alternatives

Sleek and Modern Wall Beds Lancaster

Instantly create a guest room in your home office with our “roll out” drawer bed style, or enjoy a comfortable fold out bed in your living room. Wall beds Lancaster are ready to use in seconds, and custom built to accommodate the mattress size you prefer. California Closets has always been at the forefront of home design, and we are pleased to help you customize your wall beds Lancaster to blend seamlessly with the style of any home. Enjoy rooms that are streamlined and multi-functional. We’re here to make it easy for you.

A Viable Option

There’s never an excuse not to add value to your home, and with wall beds Lancaster you only stand to gain extra space. Chances are if you feel that your home requires an extra bedroom, others will too. At California Closets we assure you much needed support throughout the process.

Unbeatable Customer Experience

Determining the what and how of your first wall bed installation may be a bit confusing, but with wall beds Lancaster you’re more than well equipped. We pair you with a certified design professional who has seen it all and is always by your side, guiding you towards the perfect wall bed for your home. Call today for a complimentary in-home consultation!