Closet Systems Kodiak

Living in cold weather climates puts an extra burden on the people who live there. For our comfort and survival, we must have the extra clothing and gear that those in warmer climes do not. These extra things need to have a place to be put, which is a challenge to the typical closet configuration. Would you like roomier or better optimized closets for all your clothes and gear? California Closets Kodiak specializes in creating custom Kodiak closet systems that will store all of your possessions in their proper place.

With California Closets Kodiak, Closet Makeovers Are Easy

Remaking a closet by yourself isn’t simple.  Ideally, a closet makeover entails getting clear about your storage needs, such as which items need to be immediately accessible on a daily basis versus which are used seasonal or infrequently. 

Next, a closet storage system needs to be determined, such as hanging systems, cabinets, drawers, shelves and stacking components.  Finally, aesthetics comes into play – the colors, materials and hardware make sense and accentuate your home.  

This process is tough to accomplish by yourself, and that’s why California Closets is here to serve you.  For more than 30 years, we’ve been in the business of designing building and installing custom closets, such as Kodiak closet systems.  We offer a surprising number of options for all closet sizes and shapes and every customer preference imaginable.

Talk To A Closet Designer Today

The California Closets Kodiak closet renewal process starts with a phone call to us. Talk to a design consultant for free, and at no obligation to you. You’ll quickly discover how quickly Kodiak closet systems will end the disorganization and clutter that now overwhelms you. Strange is it may seem, bringing order to your closets is a big step to making your home life more stress free and serene. Call us today!