Kitchen Storage: Celebrity Inspiration

Who says celebrities don't cook? Well, certainly many of them don't. But there are a few out there with elaborate yet functional kitchens with plenty of storage that we wanted to tell you about.

Whether you take them as inspiration for your own California Closet kitchen storage solution or merely as an interesting glimpse into the home life of celebrities... that's entirely up to you.

Kitchen Storage Ideas From Moby, Lance Armstrong, and Sarah Jessica Parker


Moby's kitchen is aesthetically simple and full of light.The white tiles and maple cabinets give it sort of a Scandanavian feel, he says. As far as his kitchen's contents, Moby's refrigerator is pretty empty because he travels a lot. But his pantry is full of handy vegan non-perishables like brown rice, miso paste, and whole grain bread. The most important quality? The use of kitchen storage space. At just 30 square feet, it fits nicely inside his New York City apartment. But in typical Moby fashion, he looks at its size as a positive thing. "Everything you need is always right there," he says. (Via Epicurious)

Lance Armstrong

With dark wood finishes and olive green cabinets, Lance Armstrong's kitchen emanates warmth and coziness, with plenty of unique kitchen storage items. The kitchen island is shared among three curvy bar stools (ultimate comfort after a long ride!), with additional seating for a dozen people. Clearly a center of activity for Lance and his friends!

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

This Manhattan couple always seems to be in the spotlight, between family sightings on the streets of their West Village neighborhood to interior shots of their well-lit Hamptons home. The kitchen there is bright and white, with black and white checkered floor and an apple-red island, accented with modern artwork and freshly picked flowers. Best of all, there is plenty of kitchen storage, so countertops and other surfaces are left open for a clean, crisp first impression. (Courtesy of

Make Your Own Celebrity Kitchen

California Closets can help you maximize your kitchen storage to match and even top those of your favorite celebrities. Here's a helpful tip: Before meeting with your consultant, cut out pictures from home magazines that show your favorite kitchen storage solutions. That will help us better understand your taste and help you on your way to the ideal kitchen.