A Kids Closet that Grows with Them

It's a common story: the kids are outgrowing everything in sight, from last year's clothes, shoes, and bicycle to last month's entertainment trend. One minute they love the ladybugs painted on the dresser, now they're "so over it." How can you keep up?

Luckily, Calfornia Closets' custom kids closets are built to grow with your kids, so there's no such thing as "outgrowing." (Until they're adults, of course!)


A few tips to keep you from having to re-do your kids closet every year:

Work with your consultant to find a great armoire -- built-in or standalone -- that will serve multiple functions in the kids room as your child grows. When they are a baby, you'll use it to store baby clothes in the nursery. In their elementary school days, it transforms into an art center or toy chest. When they hit the teen years, use the armoire as a computer desk, or, as they may prefer it, a home audio storage system. In all cases, the doors will keep the items nicely tucked away, for privacy and a clean visual effect.

Walls provide lots of unused space in a kids room. Above the desk, use wall-mounted clips to hold pictures, clipping, and invitations. Display shelves can be used for kids room storage merely by adding hooks or decorative knobs below the shelf. And don't forget that upper wall space! Put a net at the corners where two room walls meet to hold stuffed animals.

A bookshelf is a must-have kids room piece. Make sure they are adjustable so that when they're young, they can house kids books, which tend to have larger dimensions, and also hold toys, placed in plastic bins and wicker baskets. Talk to your California Closets consultant about the possibility of anchoring the bookshelf to the wall so that a climbing child won't pull the furniture piece on top of herself or himself.

Our favorite adaptable kids room storage items by far is the California Closets adjustable closet. As they grow, poles are easily replaced or repositioned to hold bigger items. Baskets become drawer units, giving your teen more privacy and room for accessories.


California Closets Design Consultants are expert in crafting solutions that are able to grow with your children, because what you need to put away today is likely to change tomorrow. You will be amazed at our creative solutions for clutter control and toy display, with room for all those clothes in between!

Find out more! Talk to your California Closets consultant about kids room options.