Closet Company Ketchikan

Known as the salmon capital of the world, it is no wonder that Ketchikan residents are outdoors enthusiasts. Whether it is fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking or hunting, what all outdoor activities have in common is the need for cumbersome gear. The only closet company serving Ketchikan that can outfit your home for proper storage of all that equipment is California Closets.

The Virtues of Custom Storage from Ketchikan’s Closet Company

Sports and outdoors pursuits are very seasonal in Alaska because of the harsh weather. But in the summer when the days are along there is no country more beautiful or welcoming to explore. How to organize all that equipment necessary for conquering the wild? How to ensure it doesn’t get lost, turn into clutter, or ruin from months of no-use?

The answer to all these questions is custom storage from California Closets Ketchikan. The closet company specializes in creating efficient and functional home storage solutions for your home. 

The designer will take advantage of every inch of storage space available, with floor to ceiling closets. The gear for the current season should be placed near the center while, and the bottom can act as off-season storage. Custom storage also means using every nook and cranny of space – no slanted angles will turn an area into dead space.

The other aspect of custom storage besides efficiency is functionality. Only a storage system tailored to your needs can be said to be functional. There is only one closet company in Ketchikan with such comprehensive and high-quality design.

The Closet Company Ketchikan Can Count On

To schedule an appointment with Ketchikan and Alaska’s favourite closet company contact California Closets and get a free in-home design consultation.