Custom Closets Jefferson

Jefferson custom closets are the number one home improvement solution that is coming to a home near you. We at California Closets have years of experience helping customers see what they want out of a closet organizer, and actualize it through a short customization process that leaves everyone satisfied.

Closet Masterpiece

At California Closets, we think you deserve the best.  That's why we've created a brand new Jefferson custom closet system for you to customize and create in your home.  We have top notch specialists and builders who are on stand-by simply waiting for your instructions to create your own closet masterpiece.

We Do Your Thing

Our consultants are the hardest working, most compassionate people in the closet business.  We train them ourselves, so that you can be guided through a process to get exactly what you want out of a Jefferson custom closet.  They are patient enough to hear every frustrated rant you have about the mess in your home or failed home improvement projects, while being focused enough to take notes the whole time to make sure that we can build you something better.


We guarantee the strength and construction of every single piece that goes into your Jefferson custom closet.  Sourced from only the highest grade manufacturer, we source all the parts from a local dealer to ensure the freshness.  Our builders are expert craftsmen with love for detail.  They will assemble your unit piece by piece, building it up until it is ready for you to put it to work.  It will be so fresh, yet so durable, that you will have thought it belonged there all along, and it will surely stay there forever after.

Follow Your Dreams

We have staff that have been waiting all their lives just to help you build the Jefferson custom closet that you see in your dreams!