Svitlana McCurley, Design Consultant


Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and other surrounding areas

Let's Pull it All Together in Style!  My goal is to simplify your life, whether it's designing your dream closet, organizing your garage, or creating the craft room that you have always wanted.  I love meeting new clients, hearing their stories, and discovering with them the solutions that I can provide for them. Working with clients in their homes, seeing first-hand the space where one of our solutions would work, that's a real advantage to getting the design right the first time. When a client is standing in what's going to be their new pantry discussing the options with me, that takes the guesswork out of the design.  What's left is a solid solution everyone is more than happy with.   I love the challenges, but I also love the products because they're high quality and easy to work with - like most of my clients! The customization options are fantastic... something as simple as valet rod can make a closet space so much more useful. Hampers help you sort lights from darks or regular laundry from dry cleaning.  I've even had women customers request belt racks for their closet designs - not for belts, but for necklaces and other jewelry.

It's great to have options. I look forward to working with you on your storage needs.

Svitlana McCurley, Design Consultant

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