Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Houston

Whether you are looking for a place in your home for visitors to sleep, or are simply trying to maximize the space in your apartment, Houston wall beds from California Closets are an exciting solution. Our Houston wall beds are vastly different from the wall beds of the past. The concept is the same except Houston wall beds are exceedingly easy to open and close, don’t annoy you with creaking sounds, look great when not in use, and best of all - are extremely comfortable for sleeping. Revolutionize your living space with Houston wall beds and get the most from your home’s square footage.

Another Practical and Elegant Solution From California Closets

Imagine The Possibilities!

With the level of quality that Houston wall beds offer, the question quickly becomes, “Why NOT have a Houston wall bed?” Houston wall beds are just as comfortable as a normal bed, but with added functionality that frees up space in your home for yoga, aerobics, or even jam sessions with your garage band. Too often beds dominate a room and leave little space for anything else - solve this problem once and for all with Houston wall beds.

A Variety Of High Quality Options

Manufactured to the same peerless standard you’ve come to expect from California Closets, Houston wall beds are highly durable and aesthetically satisfying home additions. In an effort to preserve the stylistic malleability our customers expect, our wall beds are available in a host of styles and colors to accommodate your particular design motif.

Enhance Your Living Space

If you’re curious about wall bed sizes, styles or placement in your home, we encourage you to call or contact us online for a complimentary in-home consultation! Imagine what you could do with the extra space!