How To Find the Best Garage Shelving Systems for Your Home

Time to Clean Out the Garage?

So you're ready to tackle the final frontier: your garage. Shelving systems are a great way to organize everything you need to really keep in this often cluttered space. Stop wasting time looking for those tools you know are there and get organized with garage shelving systems.

How To Find the Best Garage Shelving Systems for Your Home

Sorting through all the random things in your garage can be a daunting task. Start with a plan of attack – what really needs to stay in the garage? What can be stored elsewhere in your home? What can you get rid of? Knowing what will remain makes the initial sorting process much easier.

Next, draw up plans for your garage shelving systems and other storage options. You might want to bring in a home design or organizational expert to get ideas about what's best for your needs. Garage shelving systems and storage cabinets are great for utilizing all the available space in your garage; you'll be amazed at how much more room you'll have when you make better use of vertical space.

When planning out your new space, ask yourself what exactly will you be using your garage shelving systems for. Weight limits are an important consideration – boxes filled with old files or stacks of paint cans weigh much more than soccer balls or tennis gear. Double check the load bearing capacity and never, ever exceed it. This way you won't have an unexpected collapse, thus keeping your family and your garage safe. These considerations make shopping for garage shelving systems much simpler.

Another advantage of garage shelving systems is their ease of organization. Designate zones for different kinds of things – tools, sports equipment, gardening supplies, storage – and then make sure items don't get mixed up. Tools like drills or saws are easy to find on shelves while smaller items go in drawers or built in cabinets. Balls go in bins, rakes and other gardening supplies hang on the wall, household storage gets sealed in weatherproof boxes. Put items you don't use often up higher so you don't have to reach for things you need more frequently and label any opaque storage vessel.

Get Ready to Try Garage Shelving Systems

Maximize floor space and lessen that cluttered feeling with garage shelving systems in any style or size. You'll easily find what you need instead of having to dig through piles of things you mean to tidy up later, cutting project time in half. Stop by a California Closets showroom today to see how garage shelving systems and other storage solutions can transform your home.