How to Effectively Create Garage Storage Organization

Where To Begin When It Comes To Garage Storage And Organization?

You know that you need to do something about your garage – this weekend perhaps you'll find some time. But, when the weekend comes, there are always hundreds of other tasks you'd rather be doing, and so another week goes by, the garage untouched. Garage storage organization seems daunting, but now is the time to stand up to the clutter!

How to Effectively Create Garage Storage Organization

Spring cleaning doesn't have to just happen in the spring. Don't let your garage feature on the next episode of Hoarders; here's how to make garage storage organization really happen.

1. Plan your attack. You'll need a sunny day and good weather for the day you actually start cleaning out your garage, but before you touch anything, think about the space itself. What would you like to use your garage for instead of an disorganized catch-all space. Would creating spaces for gardening or other hobbies be an option, or is perhaps your goal getting the car(s) to fit inside once again?

2. Have the proper tools. You'll need garbage bags and perhaps boxes for trash and donations. Work gloves will protect your hands as you make the first steps towards garage storage organization instead of chaos. Masking tape and a marker can be useful for temporarily labeling piles or making notes about box and bin contents.

3. Empty it. If you are daunted by the sheer volume of stuff in your garage, break it up into zones and go piece by piece. Garage storage organization takes time depending on what you have to work with. As you empty, sort into four categories: things you'll keep in the garage, things you'll keep elsewhere in your home, things you'll donate, and things you'll throw away.

4. Clean up the garage. Sweeping alone can make a big difference and is necessary if you're going to install any kind of garage storage organization like cabinets or shelves.

5. Organize. Create fixed zones for different kinds of items. For example, group all sports or lawn care equipment together. Assess your storage needs and decide what kinds of garage storage organization solutions will work best for your needs and space. Do you have room for overhead storage? What about hanging space for tools or larger items? Your organization will last much longer if it's logically thought out beforehand and easy to maintain.

Get More from Garage Storage Organization

If your garage no longer has room for a car or even space to walk through, consider bringing in the experts. A professional organizer like a California Closets Design Consultant is a great way to figure out what you need in your garage as well as other garage storage organization options, like garage cabinets or shelving, that will work for your needs. Once you have a clear vision, the rest will effortlessly fall into place.