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I find the more organized I am the more fun things I get to do, which includes going that extra mile to help my clients “feel sane” and organized and I try to make it an enjoyable experience for all concerned.

I fell into this job in 1987 when I was asked to manage a new California Closet showroom in Vero Beach, Florida.  I declined as I didn’t think it would do very well, having recently moved from my home country of New Zealand where the average closet was  a 5 ft wide reach in.  I had never tried selling so said I would love to “give it a go”, but “just part time”.  A few months later I changed careers and have never looked back.  I treat this as though it is my own business and really enjoy the relationship I develop with my clients.

I thrive on the challenge of organizing space, both from a practical side where I use our classic product to utilize every inch of space, all the way up to doing an amazing design for a closet, entertainment center, bookshelves or office using real wood, which we stain in our own “green” facility, with fluting, crown, doors with gorgeous glass inserts, etc etc.  



Order is the sanity of the mind and the health of the body” - A Chinese Proverb