Murphy Beds Edmonton: The Superman of Beds

Murphy Beds really do have superpowers: One minute they are a bookshelf, drawer, or fold-down table -- and the next minute they are a comfortable bed for guests. Maximize the flexibility and functionality of a room with our California Closets wall bed. This classic hidden built-in bed is great for house guests, or simply making a bedroom more functional and spacious during the day.

Do I Need a Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds are a great option for expanding families, people who entertain guests often, or a way to make that home office or hobby room more practical -- by giving it double functionality as a bedroom.

For example, you can take one room that is primarily used as a den for most of the year and give it the ability to be converted into a guestroom when the relatives come to visit for the holidays. It's certainly much more comfortable than a fold-up cot or (heaven forbid!) a blow-up mattress.

Why not a sofa bed? The "pull-out couch" is another traditional solution to this problem. But have you ever slept on a truly comfortable sofa bed? And what about its function during the day? Do you really need another couch -- especially if it is in a room that you are using as a home office or hobby room? A modern Murphy bed, which when folded up can be used as bookshelves, drawers, or tables, are far more functional for your lifestyle. Increase the space efficiency of your Edmonton dwelling by using attached storage to your Murphy bed.

Here's the best part: When your guests have packed their bags and bid you farewell, you don't have to struggle with putting the couch "back together." A Murphy bed from California Closets swiftly and easily folds back into the wall and you instantly have full use of your den without an inconvenient bed (or sofa!) in the middle of the room, taking up valuable floor space.

Ready to start looking at Murphy Beds?

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