Multipurpose Guest Rooms: Wall Beds Edina

Extra rooms are huge benefits to homeowners. The space can be applied in so many different ways--exercise room, office, art room--but perhaps the most practical is a guest room. It is always nice to be able to host family and friends, especially when you can provide the comfort of a bed. But when the space is not in use, the mattress winds up suppressing all of the other uses. Edina wall beds from California Closets grant you the gift of preserved potential; you will be able to exploit the many possibilities of your spare room while also being able to turn it into a comfortable space for a guest or family member in a snap.

Easy To Use Edina Wall Beds

Verifiable Comfort

While many temporary sleeping devices sacrifice comfort in the name of convenience, Edina wall beds from California Closets are different. The mattresses found in our products are full-sized beds that are a pleasure to sleep on, unlike those thin, creaky examples found in futons. Your guests won't have to feign satisfaction as they would after a night on an air mattress or couch, as no comfort is sacrificed. At the same time, unfurling these dynamic units couldn't be easier: with our pull-down mechanisms, just about anyone can set up a bedroom for themselves in no time.

Usable When Tucked Away

Edina wall beds pull double duty when it comes to functionality. When they're not providing a place to rest, they're part of a bigger piece that can be used to keep the surrounding area neat and tidy. Tucked into the wall that features the famous California Closets closet organizers, you can decide what other storage tools can be applied to your Edina wall beds. With added shelves, or perhaps cabinets, making up the exterior, you'll be able to get added storage benefits on top of the improved space management.