Designer Closets Add a Touch of Luxury

Building designer closets in your home is easier than you may have ever imagined.  The first step to every home renovation project is always to first analyze the space you are aiming to improve.  Are you looking to add subtle detail or a major overhaul?  Once you move past the first step you can begin to make the decisions that will change the way you view your closets forever.

California Closets is the ideal place for all your home storage needs.  With a range of simple to contemporary designer closets from which to choose, you can build the exact closet that fits with your home décor and personal style.  

The newest innovation that has risen to the surface is the Virtuoso Collection, which offers a clean, fresh European style to a North American quality brand.  The rich Italian wood surfaces are both subtle and salient, combining the modern sleekness of today with a classic mid-century design.

Detailed design accents are custom-built with fine quality materials that are made to last.  Not only that but they are so diverse that your designer closets can be commissioned to suit any décor, from classic to modern, antique to contemporary.  Designer closets are built with integrity and assembled seamlessly to incorporate with your existing interior.  Whether you are taking the next step to gently refurbish or the giant leap to completely renovate, designer closets can integrate with little effort and a huge upside.

Stumbling upon bright ideas from our Inspiration Gallery is the perfect way to get started on your own designer closets.  Move swiftly from chaos to class with excellent closet design from California Closets.

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