Decorating Ideas

Finding good decorating ideas is not always easy. Sure, you can flip through some magazines, or even start with some basic internet searches, but who has time for that? We've compiled a list of good sources of inspiration for your home.

7 Places to Find Decorating Ideas

1. Dwell Magazine [] has a dedicated space for Decorating Ideas, broken down into categories like Outside, Green, Product Design, Travel, Office, and Renovation. You can search decorating ideas by Topic or Room as well.

2. Etsy is the marketplace for handmade, artisan goods. A strange place to find decorating ideas? Hardly. Many of the items on Etsy are from talented interior designers or decorators who simply haven't been discovered yet. You can browse items by shape, color, size -- you name it -- or search for something specific to fit into your home decor.

3. Daily Candy often features new interior designers or innovative new decorating ideas. Here's one place to start: 18 New Home Decorating Ideas. []

4. The Home & Family Network's decorating section. [] Part of the Better Homes & Gardens network, this site compiles material from a number of relevant publications, providing inspiration for every room and taste.

5. The Runway. Whoever said fashion and trends were limited to the runway? Check out Fashion Week styles and hot new designers, then apply those to your home decor as you see fit. Excited by that yellow polka dot flare skirt? Think about inviting that splash of color into your living room in the form of colorful throw pillows, or abstract modern artwork as a central piece.

6. iVillage's Home Inspiration Gallery. Get immediate visual decorating ideas from iVillage's slideshow. They even have a section dedicated to Holiday Rooms.

7. Your Friend's House. Do you have friends whose taste you admire? There's nothing wrong with a little self-invite to their home to get some decorating ideas inspiration for your own home decor. Just remember to bring them something sweet!

Decorating Ideas from California Closets

Your California Closets consultant is another good source for decorating ideas. When they arrive for the in-home consultation, you can explain your tastes -- in words or pictures -- and our designers will work with you to create a storage solution that fits best.

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