Straight Talk About Custom Garage Cabinets

A Plea for Custom Garage Cabinets

Would you throw groceries into your bedroom? Keep linens in the kitchen cupboards? Put treasured mementos in bathroom cabinets? Of course not! You keep the inside of your home organized and beautiful by having an allotted space for things like food, tablecloths, and memorabilia; why should your garage be any different?

Straight Talk about Custom Garage Cabinets

One fantastic way to turn your cluttered nightmare of a garage into a dreamy model of organization is with custom garage cabinets. Bikes, lawn equipment, and tools all find storage solutions that enhance the functionality as well as appearance of any garage. We talked to our experts to find out more about what there is to love when it comes to custom garage cabinets.

Q: Aren't custom garage cabinets expensive? Wouldn’t a regular cabinet be just as good?
A: Your garage has a lot of complications that don't come up in other parts of the home.  For one, it's more exposed to the elements and is a much larger and often less finished space. Custom garage cabinets are a worthwhile investment because they are then tailored for your needs, creating something more than just a storage catch-all. With custom garage cabinets you can be assured that your valuables won't be bothered by moisture or pests as well as giving you the most space possible.

Q: What do custom garage cabinets look like?
A: Whatever you want them to! Whether it's sleek brushed aluminum, cheery white, or modern wood, you can choose materials that suit your style and needs. Custom garage cabinets can be a variety of sizes and combine with other components like countertops or hanging storage to give you the ultimate organization while looking good.

Q: What if I sell my home or need to change my custom garage cabinets?
A: Custom made doesn't mean inflexible. Many custom garage cabinets can be modified later on as your storage needs change (the kids all start skiing or you begin canoeing, for example). They also add to your home's resale value – they'll definitely be a feature your realtor puts in your listing.

Stop Dreaming About Organization

When you work with a California Closets design consultant, it's a chance to create a garage space like you've always wanted. Add areas for crafts or hobbies, sports equipment or a workshop – with custom garage cabinets you can build a dream space that you and your family will actually enjoy spending time in.

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