What’s Cooking? Custom Built In Bookshelves Are The Latest Addition For Kitchens

One woman's story about turning her cookbook collection into a kitchen showpiece

If you're a cook of any skill level, from a beginner just learning to boil water to an expert chef, you have at least one cookbook, probably more. But where to store them can be tricky. Accessibility to the kitchen is practical, but how do you truly integrate your cookbook collection into your kitchen design?

How Custom Built In Bookshelves Transformed My Kitchen: One Woman's Real Story

The best place for books are bookshelves, but most kitchen designs don't have much space for free-standing bookcases. We talked to Morgan from Nashville, TN about her clever use of custom built in bookshelves in the kitchen:

Q: Why did you want custom built in bookshelves in the first place? Wouldn't ordinary ones be just as good?

A: I'd been thinking about getting shelving installed for a long time, but couldn't visualize exactly what I wanted. But going the custom route was what made all the difference. Quality is important to both my husband and I as we build our home together.  We want to make improvements that will last as well as fit our needs. Since there was no real place for a regular shelf unit in the kitchen anyway, getting custom built-4in bookcases was an easy choice.

Q: Can you describe the process you went through?

A: First we found some areas were shelving could work – there was an awkward cupboard we never used because it didn't fit anything. Working with a professional designer was fabulous because we could finally get visualization of our ideas. I couldn't wait to have my cookbooks all on hand for reference - instead of in the living room - as well as some kind of stand so I could easily consult recipes.

Q: What's been the result of your custom built in bookcases?

A: Better than I ever imagined. We chose a trim in bright red that complements other accents in our primarily black and white kitchen, making it truly part of the room design. Our designer suggested built-in lighting along with our custom bookcases - we got another one in the living room - so I won't mix up tablespoons and teaspoons when I'm reading a recipe.

Custom Built In Bookshelves: Not Just For Books

"We've used the shelves to display some unique vintage pieces too, not just my massive cookbook collection," Morgan adds. "I'd recommend adding this kind of useful space to almost anywhere in a home."

Mix up your book storage and display with custom built in bookcases that are adapted to your needs like Morgan did. At California Closets, we know that wall bookcase units add to a useful kitchen, comfortable library, or impressive living room.

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