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Ready to tackle a home improvement project, but unsure where to start?  Improve the look, the function and the versatility of your home with one simple, budget-friendly move: a storage makeover courtesy of California Closets Courtenay.

The Closet Problem

Your closet may not be the most glamorous choice for a renovation, but if you think about it, it makes a great deal of sense on a number of levels.  A disorderly storage area can have an extremely negative impact on your entire house, as mess from your closet tends to spill out into other areas of your home.  Mismanaged storage also makes your belongings difficult to find, which results in wasted time and a general sense of frustration.

The Industry Leader

Make an appointment with a California Closets Courtenay design professional and you’ll begin to see the many ways you can get your problematic storage area into shape.  California Closets Courtenay is the industry leader in coming up with innovative storage solutions that turn even the most challenging closets into areas of practicality and harmony.  Vertical storage techniques coax every last precious inch of storage out of your closet while shoe fencing, hooks, baskets and bins keep your belongings separated and accessible.

A Look You’ll Love

A customized Courtenay closet can be a real addition to the look of your home as well.  Available in a number of materials, colours and finishes, Courtenay closets are designed to integrate seamlessly into your home’s décor, a true reflection of your taste and lifestyle.

The Process Starts with Your Call

Give your home a lift with a simple call or click for a complimentary, in-house appointment with a California Closets Courtenay design pro today!




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