Wall Beds Connecticut

Our local designers love installing wall beds in the homes of local residents. There is no home organization strategy or solution that can transform your home as economically and dramatically as a wall bed can. Whether you want to turn spare rooms and offices into extra bedrooms or add flexibility to a one-room studio, our wall bed designers will find the right solution for you.

The Connecticut Wall Beds Company

Homeowners typically have many questions and misunderstandings about wall beds that are sometimes hard to answer, sometimes discouraging them from pursuing a wall bed installation.  In order to avoid this situation we have created the free in-home design consultation to give homeowners a chance to explore wall beds solutions for their home.

The in-home design consultation is risk and commitment-free, giving homeowners a perfect environment to experiment with wall beds solutions.  The in-home design consultation involves an evaluation of the aesthetic of home and the lifestyles of the occupants.  This holistic evaluation allows our designers to guide homeowners to the perfect solution, one that will remain useful and usable for decades. 

As more homeowners are trying to do more with less, requests for our wall bed solutions have risen precipitously. There is no better way to transform your home with space, storage and usefulness than with a wall bed installation.  With a new wall bed, you will never have to fear the holidays or unexpected guests staying at your house. Oftentimes, homeowners find that wall beds add as much to their home lives as it does to their social lives.

The Connecticut Wall Beds Professionals

Trust our local designers guide you through the process with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment.  We are ready to deliver our reputation for design excellence and customer satisfaction to your home today!