Closet Ideas

Is your closet working for or against you? If it's the latter, then perhaps it's time you talk to the professionals at California Closets and learn how a custom closet can re-energize your day. In the mean time, here are some closet ideas that will help you keep your current closet operational until you have the time to schedule your FREE in home design consultation!

Quick and Easy Closet Ideas

Time is precious.  If you have to fight your closet systems every time you get dressed, the wasted time can add up to multiple days over the course of a year.  Here's three closet ideas to help you maximize your space and save you time.

  1. If your closet is overcrowded it is probably because you have too many clothes and more than likely you don't wear a lot of them.  Set aside one night after work and go through your wardrobes, removing the clothes and shoes that you haven't worn in a year and donate them to Goodwill. Not only will doing this save time when deciding what to wear, but will also help someone less fortunate that may need those clothes more than you.
  1. Do your dirty clothes just get piled in the corner of your closet?  A laundry basket sounds easy enough, but how many people don't have one?  Having one laundry basket for colors and one for whites will keep your closets and bedroom floor tidy, while making your next trip to the laundromat easier!
  1. Although you may not have enough shoes to have a "shoe closet," chances are you have enough shoes thats its sometimes difficult to find a matching pair.  Having a shoe rack or hanger gives your shoes a dedicated space and enables you to quickly find a pair that match your outfit.

Closet Ideas Not Enough?

Are a few closet ideas just not going to get it done for you?  Maybe it's time for a closet overhaul. Contact California Closets to schedule your FREE in home consultation and discover how custom closets can save you time and stress.