Pam Scalise, Design Consultant

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Northwest Chicago Suburbs

My mission as a California Closets designer is to create spaces that are perfectly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and that are representative of each unique client’s organizational needs and character.

Getting organized and eliminating clutter is a great way to reduce stress and ease the function of everyday life. With each consultation, I’m excited to be part helping my clients to accomplish that goal.

Whether it’s easing the transition in to a new home or improving upon an existing space, the idea is always the same-to provide my clients with spaces that leave them feeling happy and rejuvenated.

With an interior design degree in my pocket and years of experience in the industry and client service, I work to ensure that each of my client’s California Closets experience is top notch from start to finish.

I grew up in the suburbs and moved to Chicago after graduating from college in Iowa. After spending time in advertising sales I decided to back to school for interior design -- a passion that I’ve pursued since high school where I took my first design class.