Our Team

With more than 20+ years of California Closets experience, Bruce Cote is proud to helm California Closets Northern Chicago area and Greater Milwaukee.

Our hardworking, experienced team of office, sales and production personnel serves homes in the Northern Chicago area and Greater Milwaukee. We look forward to serving you and providing you with the excellent customer service that sets California Closets apart.  To find out more about Bruce Cote, we invite you to Meet the Owners.

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Cynthia Berman, Design Consultant

I have been a design consultant with California Closets for over 25 years and really enjoy working for an industry leader. I was educated at Ray Vogue School of Design in Space Planning and Interior Design.For me each client has uniquely different needs. I feel that one of my most valuable strengths is to analyze and understand these needs and then creatively transfer this information into an effective organizational solution.It makes me proud to stand behind such a quality product and I love to hear the joy in my client's voices once a project is complete.

Joanna Harig, Design Consultant

I love problem solving and doing puzzles.  It is such a privilege to be invited into a home, identify my customer’s needs and then put together a plan I know they will love for years to come. 

Barbara McCandless, Design Consultant

I began my career in the custom closet field in 2003.  I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people live in smaller homes due to the ultrahigh cost of housing.  With a family of five, I had to make the most of every square inch of storage space.  After designing closets for several homes of my own, I became a professional closet designer, my “dream job.” 

Debra Leb, Design Consultant

I feel so fortunate to be able to utilize my skills and expertise in a way that makes a real difference in people’s lives. After spending 13 years in the fashion industry working as a Midwest Regional Merchandiser for Donna Karan, TSE Cashmere and Escada, I joined the design team at California Closets. 

Kristy Lombardo, Design Consultant

From newlyweds building their first house together to closet veterans turning a spare bedroom into an amazing walk-in closet -- every space and every client is unique and has a story. That's what makes my job so enjoyable; I am able to meet so many different people and help restore organization in their lives.

Pam Scalise, Design Consultant

My mission as a California Closets designer is to create spaces that are perfectly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and that are representative of each unique client’s organizational needs and character.Getting organized and eliminating clutter is a great way to reduce stress and ease the function of everyday life. With each consultation, I’m excited to be part helping my clients to accomplish that goal.

Pamela Dru Zelke, Design Consultant

As a seasoned design consultant, I have spent more than 16 years utilizing my creativity and attention to detail to designing spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional.With California Closets you have several options and products of the highest quality to use to create just what you need from your dream closet., efficient office or organized toy room.I look forward to working with you on all your storage solutions. 

Carlene Wolfe, Design Consultant

While my career started in fashion design, I turned to organizing and decorating simply because I just couldn't help myself, it's a passion I've always had. I love working with clients to help them achieve their goal of a more organized and beautiful home.If you have a vision, I can help you achieve that. If you need helo with a vision, I can help you out by finding out what your needs are and help you achieve a look that you'll be thrilled with that is truely functional and fantastic. No job is too big or too small.

David Simmons, Design Consultant

As a California Closets Design Consultant for over 16 years, I have dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for every client I have partnered with. My passion for design and my role as a project manager has allowed me to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful.I strive to find solutions that are unique, have balance, and will simply "simplify" your life.

Caroline Adamo, Design Consultant

I am an experienced designer with a degree in Interior Design from the University of Tennessee, with over 25 years of design experience in a variety of fields; office, kitchen and housing. I offer my clients innovative solutions that are functional to meet their needs and captures their personal life style.

Lorinna Uram - Design Consultant

I love people. I am fortunate and have been to many places in the world. I have met so many people of varying cultures and I have so thoroughly enjoyed those experiences. I have marveled at our differences as well as those things that make us very much the same. As a designer, I meet new and different people every day. This keeps my job forever changing. I like that very much.

Debbie Winscott - Design Consultant

10 years ago, I joined California Closets because I love organization.  I not only help people organize their closets, I help them organize their lives -- showing them how being organized can save them time and money, and reduce stress, too. I am inspired by the challenge of maximizing space.  I like to give my clients more useable space in their closets, or office, or whatever area I am organizing.  

Lorna Wagner - Design Consultant

I began my career as a designer with California Closets Chicago in 1995, after purchasing closet systems for my own home. I enjoy thrilling my clients with designs made just for them and their needs.I listen well to my clients and take care with small details so they can be assured their closet will function as they need. My designs focus on making small closets feel more spacious and finding just the right place for everything. 

Maureen McManamen - Design Consultant

My name is Maureen McManamen and I started with California Closets in 1997 after spotting a "Help Wanted" sign while driving by a new showroom in downtown Naperville. I had always loved organization, found the product appealing and thought, "Why not?" I pulled over to fill out an application and that day changed my career path.It proved to be a good fit because I quickly went from working in the showroom to working as a designer and was even able to put my teaching background to work training some of the new designers over the years.

Kim Maffia - Design Consultant

Hi, I am Kim Maffia and I have worked for California Closets Chicago for 16 years.  Before coming to California Closets Chicago, I worked for a large bank in St. Louis and was a facility planner for all their buildings. I knew when I moved to Chicago that California Closets would be the perfect fit for me. I love to space plan and I love to be organized, the two seemed to be a perfect combination!The best part of my job is meeting new people and helping them get organized. Everyone’s life is so much easier when everything has a place.

Carol Harig - Design Consultant

Hi, I'm Caroline. I began my journey with California Closets over seven years ago when a new showroom opened up in a location near my home. I loved the product and the interaction not only with the clients, but the designers as well. I knew after a short period of time that I would truly love to learn the design element involved in the business.

Kerry Anne Eisenach - Lead Coordinator

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”--Henry David Thoreau

Karen Reeves - Office Manager

Karen has been with California Closets – Lombard for 9 years. She started as a customer liaison coming to California Closets as a temp employee; she was hired full time as office manager and has since brought in several applications we use for attendance control, tracking vacation time and a computerized time clock. She is now in charge of our HR administration including negotiating health insurance rates and other benefits for our employees. Karen has an extensive background in HR, accounting and software systems.

Nikki Liska - Design Consultant

My name is Nikki Liska and I have been a member of the design staff at California Closets for over five years.  I love that I wake up each day to meet new clients consulting, organizing, and designing their unique spaces. I never see the same space two days in a row. I also enjoy receiving phone call from clients as they “jump for joy” as they see our ideas on paper come to life with the installation of their California Closets product.

Michele Daugherty - Design Consultant

Hi, I'm Michele, and I've been with California Closets Chicago for 6 years.  I came to California Closets because I wanted to use my natural gifts of space planning and organizing -- it is unlike any other position I have held and I love it!

Katie Ondyak, Design Consultant

As a design consultant, I enjoy being able to put my creative mind to work helping my clients solve their most challenging storage dilemmas.  I love seeing the finished product of course, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing the happy faces of my clients when they see it! I began working at California Closets Chicago in 2005 shortly after college graduation.  I attended North Central College, where I earned a degree in studio art. 

Vicki Gianacakos - Design Consultant

My name is Vicki Gianacakos. I have worked as a designer for California Closets for over 2 ½ years. I love working for California Closets because every day is a new challenge. You get to meet new people, go into their homes and help them organize and design their spaces. I love my customers because they come from all different backgrounds. I enjoy getting to know them on a personal level as well as a professional level.

Len Coppedge - Production and IT Manager

Len Coppedge here. I’ve worked for Cal Closets 7.5 years. I come from the tech industry where my expertise was in PC management, Telecommunications, and customer service. This career was short lived after the 90’s tech bubble popped. I found myself with the opportunity to make a career change into the realm of automated production with Cal closets and here I’ve been.

Susan Newman, Design Consultant

I have been with California for 8 years. As a satisfied customer of California Closets, it is easy for me to consult with clients about the benefits of having a closet system. I really like the product and its features. And I like working for a company that is the leader and innovator in the industry.With so many repeat clients, I have the opportunity to help people during life transitions. They may be downsizing, preparing for a new baby, making room for a new partner who is moving into the home, or re-creating a room when an adult child leaves the home.