Carmel Valley Wall Beds Offer Many Benefits

Carmel Valley is a top vacation spot for good reason. The stunning beauty and charming town offer tons in the way of activities. You as a resident get to enjoy the perks of such an area on a daily basis, and without a doubt, you've had to host friends and family who are looking to experience the delights themselves. Giving them a comfortable place to reside for a few days may have felt challenging in the past, but with Carmel Valley wall beds from California Closets, you'll find the task of hosting to be a simple pleasure. These beds are easy to unfurl, provide unmatched support and comfort, and look great when folded!

Carmel Valley Wall Beds Give You Versatile Options

Preserve The Space For Yourself

The problem with establishing the spare room as a guest room is committing the mattress to it, thus greatly reducing the amount of usable floor space that you have access to. Carmel Valley wall beds allow you to change the title of a room in just a matter of seconds, turning what was formerly an office or exercise room into a bedroom for your guests to enjoy. These products are deployed with tremendous ease, allowing anyone to set them up when it's time to hit the hay, and when your guests leave, the room snaps right back to its other use!

Not The Murphy Beds Of Old

You may bristle at the thought of wall beds due to their place in comedies of old. Fear not. These modern units provide only comfort and convenience for all involved. You won't have to offer your guests a thin futon mattress or air bed--Carmel Valley wall beds feature full mattresses that provide support to those sleeping on them.