Calgary Closet Systems

California Closets has been providing Calgary residents with the very best closet systems since 2008. We blend functionality with a beautiful aesthetic like no other closet systems company, providing pragmatic solutions to your storage needs without sacrificing style.

Why Choose California Closets Calgary for Closet Systems?

Made in Canada

California Closet Calgary is not only locally owned and operated, but we source locally and manufacture our own products. All closet systems that we install in your home are made in our own Alberta facility, so we can ensure that they meet the highest standards in quality.

Great Service

We're more than just great closet systems. All California Closets employees that you interact with -- from the knowledgeable design consultant to the friendly, professional installers -- are fully dedicated to serving your needs. Throughout North America, California Closets is known for its excellent customer service, and we work hard to maintain that reputation.

Closet Systems That Work

What's the use of a closet system that looks nice if it doesn't function the way you want it to? Because our design process is so high touch, and we work with you step by step to find out your every need, California Closets simply work the way they are supposed to, helping you live your life more efficiently, so you have more time to do the things you love to do.

Get Started With New Closet Systems

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