Closet Company Boise

If you consider how many closet companies Boise residents have asked to build a beautiful unit in their home and came up just short, you'd have a million reasons to trust California Closets with your new home upgrade project. We provide utility and service in a beautiful and personalized package to make you feel like you are truly in control of your home's own destiny.

Get the Right Fit

Many Boise closet companies come to you with predesigned units which fit the needs of the most common customer.  Bland, typical , and lacking the innate relevance that our units have because of the customization process, these companies simply fall short to give you what you need.  At California Closets, we focus on what we can control and make sure that you get the central choices in design, layout, and more.

Perfect Storage

With our closet systems, we are able to help guide you through a selection process of various parts to assemble the perfect storage solution for your home.  We create a system, which means that we focus on different areas for new storage, different types of units prioritizing either clothing, documents, tools, or other items, and different sizes and shapes to accommodate your home.  This way, your garage storage unit will work completely in tandem with your new set of kitchen cabinets.

Compassion First

Our design process is a flawless extension of our compassion towards our customers.  We utilize the best consultants any closet company Boise has to offer to help you through the process of assessing your home's needs and current situation.  They hear you out and take into consideration your deep preferences in order to draw up the blueprints that are right for you.  Our builders are also thoroughly enveloped in their work, allowing them to put all their focus and love into building your closet masterpiece.

To a Clearer Home

Insight may reside in a potential home upgrade--choose the right Boise closet company and let California Closets guide your home to a clearer space.