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Many, if asked to draw a closet, would draw a simple rectangle with perhaps a single line through the upper third, indicating where a hanger rod would perhaps be. It is this understanding of the traditional closet layout that is preventing many homeowners from finding the degree of organization that they seek. Storage areas don't have to rely on this simple layout--proactive homeowners are instead choosing to go with a Boerne closet design from California Closets. This means envisioning a plan that takes into account every inch of usable space, all of the items that will be stored within, and those that will be interacting with it on a daily basis.

Find Your Combination With Custom Boerne Closet Design

No Two Alike

Your storage spaces are different from that of your neighbor, as are your interests and hobbies. It is these two notions that make custom Boerne closet design so attractive--you want your specific and individual needs addressed in your personal space. Many deal with store-bought solutions that are cut from a mold and shipping out with a prayer for passing functionality. When you work with California Closets, you get the personal touch of a company that aims to understand and address your storage needs first and foremost. 

Accessories That You'll Actually Use

Late-night informercials of organization-related products serve you diligently for about as long as the commercial itself. When you call California Closets about Boerne closet design, you'll gain access to our tremendous selection of tools and accessories that will make up the bulk of your new layout. From baskets and hooks to racks and hanger rods, we've got items that are sure to boost your capabilities wherever you need. 

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Whether online or by phone, you can get in touch with a California Closets representative about a free in-home design consultation. You can then get a sense of how we can best serve you with a Boerne closet design. 



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