Therese Sonsalla, Senior Design Consultant

Therese comes from a background of art, design, fashion and business. She has a diverse education and working experience that directly impact the high quality design experience she bring to her clients.

After a good run in the fashion industry she went on to own a successful company that was technical in nature, while also running a freelance design firm where she focused on the Lake Minnetonka area. The combination of business savvy, design and fashion is the perfect combination to present fresh, exciting, functional designs that make good sense as an investment in her clients homes. Therese finds it a privilege to be invited into clients homes where she has the ability to transform any space no matter how big or small into a functional beautiful space.

Every space she designs has a character all it's own that reflects your personal taste and needs. That is why in each meeting with you she gets to know you and how you live and use the space she is designing. Every design is special and unique to you. Therese says there is nothing better then getting a call from a client that is standing in their new space saying they love the organization, the look, the ease of use that was created just for them!

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