Your Spring Cleaning Battle Plan

Spring Cleaning Battle Plan

The Mess Doesn't Stand a Chance!

Spring cleaning can be fun or stressful, depending on how you look at it. That's why you need a "spring cleaning battle plan".

On one hand, spring signifies a time when the weather begins to brighten, days become longer and there’s a “fresh start” feeling in the air.

Spring cleaning though? It usually brings to mind images of dust, grime, and clutter as we try to clean our homes and prepare for the seasons ahead.

Having a battle plan can help break the large workload into smaller tasks and make this often daunting task much less stressful.

  1. First, set a timeline for when you want to have cleaning finished. Make sure you give yourself at least a week. This is a great week to start since it’s National Spring Cleaning Week!
  2. Next, break up the cleaning into small tasks that can be done quite easily. For example, “vacuuming”, “donating old shoes”, and “putting away winter clothes”.
  3. Now split the tasks up across the period of time you have set for yourself. Tasks that will take one to two hours can be accomplished during the week, while longer ones should be assigned to the weekend.
  4. Make sure you complete each task on the assigned day, and keep to your schedule. Before you know it, the house will seem to clean itself and you will not have gone through the stress of doing everything at once.
  5. Need extra motivation? Work a small reward into each day’s schedule. When you finish your assigned tasks for the day you can enjoy a treat – some delicious dessert, your favorite movie or some yummy takeout. You deserve it!

Do you have a plan to help you tackle spring cleaning? Let us know what you do and if our tips work for you!

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Ana Hernandez is a showroom liaison at the Sacramento/Roseville California Closets franchise in northern California.


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