Travel Tips: Packing for Business Trips

California Closets organizing tips for business travel

Get organized for your business trips!

I travel a lot for work, so I’ve learned that the more I prepare and organize ahead of time, the more relaxing and enjoyable my trips are.

Here are the ways I get organized for a trip – try these tips out for yourself and let me know how they work for you!

Packing in a few simple steps:

  • I keep a pre-packed toiletry kit with all of my personal items and makeup ready to go in my carry-on suitcase.
  • The night before my trip, I just need to pick my outfits. I pull everything out and hang it on my personal valet rod in my California Closet so that I know I have full sets.
  • I group similar colors together to make it easier to accessorize and mix and match items so that I can choose each day based on my mood.
  • I wrap up the entire set into my garment bag and then put it into the carry-on with accessories and my toiletry case – and I’m off! Typically this takes 10-15 minutes for a week-long trip.

Arriving and departing with ease:

  • I love using the local group shuttle service. It is inexpensive, saves money on parking and drops me off right at the airport.
  • I don’t like to get lost, so if I am renting a car at my destination, I always look up maps and directions ahead of time. That way, when I arrive I’m all ready to go.

Working without the clutter:

  • I’ve recently purchased an iPad, which I travel with instead of my laptop. It is much lighter and I no longer need a full briefcase to travel with. It also saves times – now I don’t have to pull out my laptop at security.
  • I keep my shoulder bag stocked with essentials before every trip: magazines, articles, business cards, earphones, headache medication, snacks, and charging cables for my iPad and iPhone (those are easy to forget!).
  • Before a trip, I’ll move any electronic files I need to have access to onto my iPad (including my boarding pass and frequent flier info) and perhaps download a movie for a little R&R during a long flight. And, of course… iPad is FULL of music to listen to!!!

Snacking in a healthy way:

  • I pack some easy snack items such as dried fruit or nuts to put in my carry-on.
  • Since airport security doesn’t allow liquids, I buy a super-large water when I get into the airport. My rule of thumb is to drink 8 ounces of water per hour in the air. This helps me not feel so exhausted when I arrive and avoids travel headaches!

Let me know if these tips work for you. Happy organizing!


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