Take Back Your Time: Three Easy Steps that Will Transform Your Commute

California Closets commuting tips

Follow these easy steps to enjoy your commute!

Many of us spend over an hour or more in the car driving to work each day. With such limited time and so many responsibilities in our lives, it's easy to think of your commute as a hassle and waste of time.

Instead of dreading your commute, learn to love it with these tips that turn highway time into YOU time!

1. Zen on the Freeway

Do you have trouble finding the time to think about anything beyond the immediate tasks at hand? Do you feel on edge throughout the day while you juggle tasks and run between appointments?

Gratitude is a great way to go from positive to negative. Try this trick to keep your mood lifted!

  • Take a deep breath, mentally focusing on inhaling and exhaling from your fingers to your toes. Repeat a few times until you feel relaxed.
  • Think of 3 events that happened recently that you are thankful for.
  • Think of 3 people in your life right now that you are thankful for.
  • Think of 3 major things in your life that you are thankful for- events, items or people.

2. College in the Car

With such a wide variety of downloadable content available on the internet you can learn a new language or the basics of political theory while you drive!

Podcasts are amazing things. Surf the web and find something that interests you, then download it to a CD or your iPod to listen in the car. Can’t find time to read the NY Times bestsellers? Listen to them while you cruise to your destination!

3.  Prep for the Day Ahead

Have you been trying to find time to plan your meals, grocery list, or an upcoming event but can’t find the time to sit down and brainstorm?

Use your ride time to get these things done by using a simple voice recorder! (Buy a simple gadget or use the voice recorder on your smart phone.)

Let the ideas and creativity flow without worry of forgetting any ideas. Stopping at the grocery store before you get home? Make your list while you drive, before a hungry stomach takes over.

Get started!

Tomorrow morning take control over your commute, and finally find that extra “you “ time that you have been seeking. It may seem impossible, but you could actually start enjoying your commute!

Stephanie Scharr Bonini - California Closets Design Consultant
Stephanie Scharr Bonini


Stephanie Scharr Bonini is a California Closets design consultant based in northern Connecticut who works with clients throughout New England. She is an expert at  listening  carefully to her clients to achieve a perfect balance of style, function, and budget with every project.

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