Sick of Eating Out? Try These Tools for Easy Home Dining

You want to cook more and eat out less, but it's a struggle sometimes. It's easy to let home-cooked meals fall by the wayside in the face of job responsibilities, a busy social life and other family obligations.

This is when organization comes in handy. If you can streamline the process, cooking delicious meals can be a breeze.

Here are four web & mobile tools that get you organized and make cooking easier:

allrecipes dinner spinner app Dinner Spinner Dinner Spinner

This mobile app leverages the power of the recipe database to make planning, shopping and cooking as easy as boiling a pot of water.

Browse more than 40,000 recipes, and filter by nutrition or ingredients. Save and share recipes and shopping lists.

Feeling adventurous? Shake your phone (or hit "spin") to use the "dinner spinner" - which randomly selects dishes and ingredients for your evening's meal. (Note: some of the features differ depending on if you buy the free or $2.99 Pro version.)




With Ziplist, an online platform and mobile app, you can "clip" recipes from all over the web to put in your recipe box.

Create custom shopping lists or add ingredients right from your recipes.

Your web & mobile accounts will sync up, so you can manage your cooking at your computer or on your phone.

Fun feature: with the mobile app, you can use the barcode scanner to add items from your pantry and refrigerator right to your shopping list.

Gojee -



Maybe you have a hankering but just need some inspiration and ideas.

The website Gojee is perfect when you need recipes based on what you want and what you have.

Just log in, choose what you "crave", what you "have" and what you "dislike" and Gojee will come up with recipe options that fit your criteria.

Say you're craving a sweet potato dish and you have kale, lentils and carrots on hand. But you hate mushrooms! Enter all of this info on Gojee  and see what comes up! (Hint: Kumara Soup and Vegetable Pot Pies with Sweet Potato Biscuits)

real simple month of easy dinners

Real Simple's a Month of Easy Dinners

Real Simple's A Month of Dinners

Need more direction? Don't think, just cook.

Follow Real Simple's calendar of recipes and shopping lists for a month and you'll have delicious meals every night.

Just use the weekly shopping lists and easy (but scrumptious) dinner recipes like Ravioli with Apples and Walnuts.

And if you prepare the meals in the order listed, you’ll use the most perishable items first. So easy! Get cookin'!



So are you ready to ditch the take-out and have some fun in the kitchen? Let us know how you make meal planning and preparation work with your busy schedule.

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