Room to Grow: A Unique Nursery

My client is a young artistic mother with a deep commitment to the well-being of her family and the environment.

Pregnant with a new baby, she decided to convert her guest room to a nursery. This room has a tiny, shallow closet with limited storage capacity, but it still needed to handle all the "stuff" that comes with having a new family member.

A Stylish Design for Baby, Child and Teen

Because my client values stylish and sustainable design, it was important to her that the storage outside of the closet have a furniture feel and blend with the style of the other rooms of the house.

Plus, she's all about buying smart for the long run. Her childrens' rooms are as tastefully appointed as her living room. She doesn't believe in purchasing "children's furniture", as she doesn't want to be switching out furniture (creating waste) as her children grow. She wants handsome design that will grow and change with them.

She loved the design we came up with!

California Closets kids nursery design with red Ecoresin

A California Closets wall unit design that will grow with my client's child - from nursery storage to kid's work station.

Here's what we did:

  • In the tiny closet (not pictured), I optimized the space by installing hanging rods that slide out and run front to back, a basket for soiled laundry, and shelving for clothing, shoes, and blankets.
  • The wall unit design is built with long-term needs in mind. The counter will be outfitted by the client with a changing pad and used as a changing table. It will later act as a surface for art projects and eventually a desk for studying.

The look of the designs matched the style of the home. The wall unit features our textured wood grain Lago® finish in Bellisima White, accented with Connection Passion Ecoresin® inserts.

Anything pop out at you? Yes, the varied depths and heights are unique and something we're seeing a lot more of in contemporary design!

They served a functional purpose as well. The room is relatively small and you enter the room perpendicular to the spot most natural for our storage unit. By varying the depths of the uppers we were able to utilize more of the length of the wall without giving the feeling that you're walking onto the side of a piece of furniture when you entered.

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Nicole Kypreos headshot

Design consultant Nicole Kypreos


Nicole Kypreos has been a design consultant for California Closets in Santa Barbara since 2005. For Nicole, the best part about working with California Closets is that the work she does changes how people feel about their space, their belongings, and themselves.

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