The Right Hangers Extend the Life of your Wardrobe

Valet Rod

The right hangers extend the life of your clothes.

You probably don’t think much about hangers. We get them from the dry cleaner, we buy them at the store, we hang our clothes on them. Simple, right?

Not so fast. The right hanger can make storing and accessing what you wear simpler and can even help your clothes last longer.

Soft, padded hangers are perfect for delicate sweaters and blouses and prevent necklines from stretching out by distributing weight across their entire surface.

Clamped, swing-arm and open-sided hangers are designed to prevent pants from creasing and make grabbing your favorite pair fast and easy.
And wooden hangers help shirts last longer by avoiding sharp wear lines along the shoulder.

But when it comes to protecting your clothes and extending their life, the most important thing to remember is what Faye Dunaway said in Mommy Dearest, “No wire hangers!”

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