Organize This! Makeover: Creating Tranquility

Marla and her husband Jack won a closet makeover valued at $10,000. Design consultant Amy Haller is helping them transform their cluttered bedrooms and playroom into neat, organized spaces.

The Stouts’ story:

Marla Stout and her two daughters faced an age-old problem. Who wins the battle for available space: the daughters and their piles of toys, clothing, and gear, or the mother, with her home office?

As often happens, the children won and Marla’s loft office was converted into a dedicated playroom. The corner of her bedroom became her office.

Soon, clutter was everywhere. All of that disorder had turned the bedroom into a stressful place, offering no tranquility or sanctuary for Marla.

The California Closets solution:

Design consultant Amy Haller is working with the Stouts on three makeovers: the master bedroom closet, the kids' closets and a loft playroom.

She knows that with an organization system in place, the Stouts will feel less overwhelmed and stressed out.

Her designs focus on creating places for everyday living and storage – so that on a daily basis items like toys, games, papers and clothes get put away.

The design plans includes lots of specialized storage features in the closets: full-extension drawers, shoe cubbies, belt racks, jewelry drawers and more.

Their oldest daughter’s closet is designed with her needs in mind, so that the three-year-old can easily put away her own clothes and toys in cubbies, drawers and baskets at her own height.

Behind the scenes:

Check back soon for our photos of the design process – including “before” pictures and the new design renderings! Once the installations are complete, we’ll post “after” photos as well.

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