National Spring Cleaning Week: Turn the Music Up!

California Closets - National Spring Cleaning Week Music Playlist

National Spring Cleaning Week

We're so excited: This Monday, March 21 is the first day of National Spring Cleaning Week. And we're ready to help you get organized!

First step - check out our spring cleaning playlist. We've put together a selection of energetic songs to motivate and inspire you. With great music playing, decluttering and reorganizing goes by much faster!

Next week - we'll be posting new tips and encouragement every day, so that you can accomplish your spring cleaning goals. Stay tuned for a giveaway contest too!

And, remember, you're not alone.

A recent California Closets’ survey of homeowners revealed that people have the desire to get organized, but don’t know what direction to take to achieve effective and lasting results.

National Spring Cleaning Week is a great motivator to reclaim your home from lingering messes. We know this is a big priority for most of our clients. In our survey, we found that more than half the women have ‘getting organized’ on their to-do list.

This is the week to get it done.

By taking just a few small steps during National Spring Cleaning Week, it’s possible to make lasting changes that will free up time to enjoy for months and years to come.

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