My Top 6 Tips for Vacation Home Organization

California Closets summer vacation organization

A little organization goes a long way towards making summer vacation fun & relaxed!

As we enjoy the months of sand, sun and relaxation, it’s still a great time to make sure your vacation home is summer-friendly for you and your guests.

These are my favorite tips to organize and neaten your summer home - whether you're there all summer or just for a vacation - so you and your guests are relaxed and comfortable!

Fun & Games:

  • Keep local maps, menus, coupons and tour guides in a basket or mail holder in a well-trafficked place in your home - like the kitchen or entryway - so you and your guests can easily plan meals, day trips and nights out together.

  • Summer vacations are the perfect time for family games or group jigsaw puzzles! Store all of the play options neatly in a cabinet or bookshelf in the living room or family room, so you can easily access them and put them away when finished. Position a short, round table nearby that everyone can sit around for puzzle solving.

  • Create a storage area for swimming equipment and toys like snorkels, noodles, and tubes near the outdoor hose so they can be easily rinsed off when returned to prevent salt and sand buildup.

Summer Wardrobe:

  • Use storage accessories for summer clothing! Valet rods are very important for hanging up evening wear and summer dresses and for drying damp bathing suits and towels.  We also have made drying racks out of shoe rails for this purpose.

  • You can never go wrong with baskets. They can be beautiful design accents while also allowing for the quick visibility and easy accessibility of clean bathing suits and workout clothes.

  • Larger laundry areas and hampers with two sets of bags are a must, so one set can be in the laundry room and a clean set placed in the closets when the dirty clothes are removed for washing. This keeps the closet fresh for your guests and no chance of damp clothes or bathing suits being left in the closet.

I love that my guest room at home doubles as our media room and family room. With my California Closets media center, there's plenty of room for guest bedding and towels plus toys and games. It makes it easy to have friends and family stay with us.

Try to apply these tips to your home or summer spot. When you're on vacation, or have guests visiting this summer, it's important to keep things logically arranged and organized so you can concentrate on the real goal - having fun!

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