Keeping It Together: How Planning Helps Me Balance Work and Fun

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How Planning Helps Me Balance Work and Fun

With three kids and a busy career, I’ve realized that if I want a happy balance in my life, I need to plan and prepare. I make a point to schedule activities that help clear my mind, improve my health and feed my spirit.

It hasn’t always been this way. Two years ago, I was feeling out of shape and out of balance. I knew it would take some major prioritizing to get healthy again.

I approached my life like I approach a closet makeover: I identified the goals, set up the plans and then executed them.

Now I have a regular schedule of activities that keep me feeling centered and healthy:

  • Play. I play piano several times per week. In the mornings, once the kids are dressed, fed and ready for school, I let them play while I settle down at the keys. Even just 15-20 minutes gives me enough time for a little “Zen space”. I also go to Sunday jam sessions once a month. It’s meditative for me to play with and listen to other musicians for several hours.
  • Move. When my 8-year-old son started Tae Kwon Do classes, his teacher suggested that students bring their parents in to participate. I was delighted by how excited my son was to have me join him. We take 1-hour classes together twice a week. Tae Kwon Do helps me stay fit and healthy and it’s a practice that travels well. I can’t bring my piano with me on business trips, but I can always find a patch of floor, grass or sand to practice Tae Kwon Do.
  • Travel. I travel a lot for business, but I also schedule fun vacations too. Some of my favorite trips have been with my girlfriends. There’s something about being with a supportive group of women, or even just with one close friend, that helps me de-stress and relax. I’m really excited for an upcoming trip to Brazil with a close friend who also happens to be a California Closets franchise owner!

If you’re feeling out of balance, it helps to bring a little organization into the picture. Without scheduling some “you time”, other priorities will always take precedence.

What do you do to keep a healthy work-life balance?


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