How to Create Perfect Storage When You Don't Have Closets

What do you do when you want to create smart storage in your home, but you don't have enough closets?

You probably squeeze everything you can into the closets you do have and then supplement with various pieces of furniture, like dressers, cabinets, shelving and bins.

But all of those tactics can actually add to a feeling of clutter. Plus, it's easy to accumulate a bunch of different storage systems that are mismatched in look and style.

Here's a better solution: A custom wall unit.

Perfect Storage with Style

A custom wall unit or wardrobe allows you to make use of wall space, without cluttering your room. You can also choose finishes and accessories that match your current decor. With the right design, your new storage system will give you the feeling of having a fully functional closet.

Our California Closets Toronto team created the perfect storage solution for a client who was struggling with a bedroom with no closets and a tricky angled ceiling.

California Closets Toronto bedroom wardrobe BEFORE

Notice that the various storage systems - the dresser, desk and assorted bins - could not contain all of the items in the room. But the empty wall with the angled ceiling provided a big opportunity for more storage, it was just a matter of creating a wall unit that fit the space and matched the decor.

You're going to love what the California Closets design consultant came up with - gorgeous!

California Closets Toronto Bedroom Wardrobe AFTER

Now it's hard to imagine the room any other way! Note how the California Closets wardrobe was designed with the right finish and hardware to match the room's decor. And that burst of bright pink on the walls and bedspread is just delightful.

If you've got a tough storage situation - angled ceilings, small spaces or no closets - a custom design would likely work well for you. Don't despair! Any room can be better organized and more beautiful with the right solution.


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Ginny Snook Scott California Closets

Ginny Snook Scott



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