Family Room Fun! A Woman's Day Makeover with California Closets

I recently worked with the winners of a Woman's Day makeover contest to reorganize their basement into a fun and playful family room! The makeover was a success and my clients were thrilled.

But it all started with two parents overwhelmed with disorganization.

BEFORE: Much-Needed Renovations on Hold

After purchasing a fixer upper as their first home in Suffield, Connecticut, Beth and Mike spent over a year and a half updating their home. Soon the family had two new members: their identical twin sons, Aiden and Christopher!

However, when faced with the increasing costs of raising a family, new responsibilities, and Mike’s layoff, Beth and Mike’s renovations quickly came to a halt. Their dream of a safe play area for their children was put on hold as other expenses and projects took precedence.

With two three-year-olds in the house, toys were taking over. Desiring a workable area in their basement where the boys could play and they could “let kids be kids”, Beth entered the Woman’s Day makeover contest.

Basement makeover before

BEFORE: Beth described their basement as "scary". Definitely not a place for two young kids to play!

AFTER: A New Playroom the Whole Family Loves

Beth emphasized during the design process, “We are in need of a place where our boys can run, play and have fun.” At the top of their list of importance was storage and organization.

I worked with interior designer Annie Selke to create a media center and storage for a safe, functional, and inviting space.

Playroom finished! 2_22_12 001[3]

The finished playroom is bright and comfortable with space for the family to hang out together.

The new playroom provides the Hopkins family the perfect combination of everything they were looking for. They have a space that is cheerful, fun and functional where their family can spend time together and not worry about anything. The finished media center provides ample space and allows everything to have a place of its own.

Playroom finished! 2_22_12 004[3]

The media center design works with the vibrancy of the room, creating a functional storage space for family fun!

Playroom finished! 2_22_12 005[3]

The whole basement revolves around comfort and practicality. Notice the comfy couch and pillows along with the coffee table with storage bins below.

Beth stated:

"We were blown away with the outcome of the room! It is hard to remember the dark, scary basement that once was as it has been replaced by such a dreamy space! We are so excited to have a fun place to enjoy as a family. We just “broke in” the new room, celebrating Aiden and Chris’s 3rd birthday in the space and our company raved about the transformation. We are beyond thrilled and so grateful to everyone that made this space possible!

It was a pleasure to work with Anne and Beth to create a space that the whole family can enjoy!


Erica Heath California Closets design consultant headshot

Erica Heath


Erica Heath has been with California Closets New England as a design consultant since 2007. She earned Rookie Designer of the Year and continues to enjoy meeting and exceeding her clients’ expectations. She is passionate about helping people and takes pleasure in the challenge of transforming spaces.

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