Ecoresin Accents: Beautiful Design with a Purpose

California Closets Ecoresin Door Fronts in RedIt's always gratifying when a product we sell that makes our clients happy also has a positive impact in the world.

Our Ecoresin® Accents collection is popular with clients who want a custom closet design with a beautiful aesthetic.

Typically found in drawers or door fronts, they're used to add color and a touch of nature to create a unique look. They're easy to swap out, so you can create a custom space that won't look dated five to ten years down the road.

The best part? These products have a positive global impact as well.

Eco-Friendly and People-Friendly

Ecoresin® Accents consist of two parts: 1) handmade sheets of resin produced with 40% recycled content and 2) natural materials compressed between two sheets. This specifically formulated co-polyester resin is both environmentally responsible and high-performing.

Three of the Ecoresin® products we offer are part of the Full Circle Collection, created with the help of skilled artisans in diverse regions.

From Africa to Nepal, these groups bring authentic regional hand crafts to the architecture and design community. Through this process we encourage the development of their skills, their business and ultimately the community at large.

The following are a part of the Full Circle Collection:

California Closets Fossil Leaf Ecoresin Accents for Door and Drawer Fronts

Fossil Leaf

Fossil Leaf

Artisans in an isolated village in south-western China transform abundant local materials into valued products.

They gather “prayer leaves” which are then washed and processed in a delicate manner and artfully arranged.


Bamboo Rings

Bamboo-Rings-Dark thumbnail

Bamboo Rings

This favored material is the product of a year-long collaboration and design mentorship.

Artisans have developed production techniques and keen quality control in order to transform a common resource into a new source of income.

Bamboo is a sustainable crop as it grows quickly and does not require large amounts of water or fertilizer.



Connection Passion

Connection-Passion Thumbnail

Connection Passion

Villagers earn supplemental income by tending silkworms and their delicate cocoons in the attics of their homes.

Artisans then soften the cocoons in water and gently pull the silk into fiber strips which are then placed by hand into the unique configuration.

The result is a dramatic and elegant design accent that makes a statement.



Here's how these three Full Circle products look with a custom California Closets design:

California Closets Fossil Ecoresin Accents Walk-In Closet

Fossil Leaf door fronts add a touch of elegance to this walk-in closet. Kitty-approved.


Wine_Pantry_Room with Ecoresin Door Fronts

A wine pantry gets dramatic with Bamboo Rings door fronts.


California Closets white bedroom red Ecoresin

Passion Connection door fronts add a burst of color to this wardrobe.

Let us know in the comments: How would you use our Ecoresin® Accents in YOUR home design?

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Ginny Snook Scott California Closets

Ginny Snook Scott


Ginny Snook Scott is the chief design officer at California Closets. She has over 25 years experience with California Closets and has helped over 1,000 clients create custom closets and organize their home. Connect with Ginny on Google+.

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