Creating a Healthy, Happy Home: 6 Essential Green Tips

California Closets Eco Resin Inserts

Our Ecoresin panels, like this Red Thatch, are made from a specifically formulated co-polyester resin which is both environmentally responsible and high-performing.

Your home is your haven – a space to keep you healthy and happy. So it makes sense to incorporate green measures in your space: it's good for you and good for the planet!

Here are some tips to get you started:


  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products when cleaning your home. You'll avoid breathing in toxic chemicals and won't be flushing them down the drain either, where they wind up in our soil, air and water. Try a biodegradable cleaning product, like the Method line available at Target or Seventh Generation. You can also go with a DIY option by cleaning with inexpensive ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and lemon – simple, but they work like a charm!

Energy Efficiency

  • When remodeling your home start with a home energy assessment. This will tell you how efficiently your home uses energy in many different ways. You can do this yourself (ask yourself...are you losing heat through your windows and doors? How well is your home insulated?) or you can call the pros to improve your efficiency and take advantage of Energy Star tax credits.
  • Try solar panels! Remember the calculators that were solar powered? The concept is simple enough: use the power of the sun to generate electricity. The same concept can now power your entire home! Solar panels are a great way to supply electricity to commercial and residential properties. This can also help control costs while you go green! Major brands like Samsung, Sharp and Mitsubishi offer these solar panels, or you can try DIY kits if you're handy! Many states offer rebates on solar panel purchases.


California Closets Hollywood Silver Ecoresin

We love that sustainable design can feel luxurious too. These Hollywood Silver Ecoresin panels add a touch of glamour to this custom wardrobe.

  • Paint color may be a beautiful way to brighten up a space, but it's also an unhealthy culprit due to toxic emissions and off gassing. Reduce toxic emissions from volatile organic compounds by using low or zero VOC paints. All of the major brands carry them, such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Martha Stewart.
  • Design with sustainably-created materials, like our Ecoresin panel inserts. Make a statement with drawer and door fronts or add character to a pantry or home office. Ecoresin is made from a specially formulated co-polyester resin that is as environmentally responsible as it is durable and beautiful. California Closets offers multiple Ecoresin styles - which is your favorite?

Mindful Decluttering

  • For the organized person, decluttering is part of everyday life. Without it, we collect too many things and life starts to feel chaotic. But it’s important not to just throw everything “away”. Instead of adding to our already full landfills, mindfully discard unwanted and unneeded belongings by selling, donating, and recycling. is an excellent resource for disposing of your items responsibly.

With these basics in place, you'll be doing your part to protect the planet and create a healthier home. Which green steps do you follow in your home?

Denise Bullinger California Closets

Denise Bullinger

Denise Bullinger is a customer liaison at the Western New York California Closets. She is dedicated to delivering the California Closets experience: warm, friendly and attentive service for a customized and personal design process.

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