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Wardrobes and Armoires: Creating Storage Space Where None Previously Existed

From their very beginning, back in the 1600s, armoires and wardrobes have been an example of fine interior art.

Room To Move: Turning A Spare Bedroom Into A Runner's Home Base

Jill is an accomplished marathon runner and mom. She was feeling like her spare room was being under utilized and at the same time was wanting a space that was her own.

Halloween Craft Room Organization

Halloween costumes tend to be last-minute affairs. Is your craft room ready to handle the eleventh-hour rush before Trick-or-Treating?

Creating The Perfect Laundry Room

Andrea Crawford was charged with transforming a laundry room for a very busy working Mom and Dad with two young children. The plan? Design a functional and child safe space that would be aesthetically pleasing, as well.

How Custom Can You Get? Housing An Office Aquarium System

There are common misconceptions about custom storage solutions. Many of us are accustomed to thinking that customization entails having adjustable shelves and not much more.

What do you do when you need to house something in your office that's a little more unique than pens, staplers, and copy paper? What if you've got a gigantic aquarium that needs a home?

True customization can solve the problem.

5 Smart Ways to Store Your Shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Do you have a shoe collection that you adore?

Every well-designed custom closet creates beautiful spaces for your treasured footwear.

And there are so many options for organizing and displaying your shoes! (No more stacked shoeboxes, ahem.) Here are five smart ways to store your shoes.

How to Organize Your Family Room

Your family room is one of the centers of activity in your house. It should be a fun, relaxing place to connect with your family and guests.

If it's feeling cluttered or crowded, then Peter Walsh can help. The organizational guru offers quick, simple steps for organizing your family room.

Watch the video and think about what changes you can make today!

How to Organize Your Garage

Does your garage store your car -- or your stuff? With smart storage solutions, you can turn your garage full of clutter into an organized, clean space.

Organizational expert Peter Walsh offers simple steps you can take to quickly and easily organize your garage.

Watch the video, get inspired and get started today!

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