Before & After: Serenity for Parents of Twin Toddlers

Sherri and Gerry are a wonderful couple with two adorable twins, Carter and Madison. I first met Sherri and the twins back in October at their home. Once I started to get to know Sherri and a typical day with her twins I soon realized how much she needed our help with her master bedroom closet.

A Typical Day with the Twins

Sherri usually started off her day by doing a couple hours of laundry only to later find it scattered all over the floor again, wrinkled and mixed up with dirty clothes.

Sherri also had a great system in her closet for old clothes, toys and donated items. Unfortunately this system had a slight flaw as the items would mysteriously find their way back downstairs or in the twins’ room again. Sherri was getting tired and frustrated.

Master Bedroom Closet before

Despite her best efforts, Sherri always wound up frustrated with the messy state of her closet.

The Solution: Custom Master Bedroom Closet

A custom storage solution for her master bedroom closet was what Sherri needed to help save her time and frustration from doing everything twice.

We paid special attention to creating solutions for specific problem areas:

  • Smart storage for shoes, ties, belts and Gerry’s large collection of jerseys.
  • An easy way for Gerry to undress after work so his clothes would not end up on the floor.
  • Maximize the storage opportunities to reduce wasted space.

And, most importantly, Sherri needed an area to go to have peace and serenity during the day.

Here's what we came up with!

 Messy and Frustrating

Despite her best efforts, Sherri always wound up frustrated with the messy state of her closet.

 Sherri and Gerry's Custom Closet

From wire shelves and messy piles to an elegant and organized walk-in closet!

Double Laundry Baskets

To help Sherri with the challenge of donating items (and actually getting them out of the house), we devised a double laundry basket system - one for dirty laundry and one for items to donate.

Abundant Shoe Storage

Sherri's shoes stay neat and organized - and the shelves are positioned high enough to be out of reach of the twins' curious hands.

Easily Accessible Tie Rack

This slide-out tie rack makes getting ready for work easy for Gerry.

Hanging Space for Gerry's Jerseys

Finally! A home for Gerry's extensive collection of sports jerseys!

Belt Rack

One of our most popular accessories, this slide-out belt rack helps Gerry easily find the right belt each morning - and put it away at the end of the day.

Garment Rod

The pull-out garment rod is perfect for Gerry: When he comes home from work and gets changed, he can hang up his suit jacket first then have two hands free to hang up his shirt and pants. No more clothes on the floor!

Karen Petraschuk headshot

Karen Petraschuk

And here is what Sherri has to say now:

“As a stay-at-home mom with 3-year-old twins, my house is in constant chaos. My experience with Karen and California Closets from start to finish was very calming. She met with me and listened to what my wants and needs were and made them happen. Scott was our installer and he did an awesome job and made my dreams come true! He even let the kids 'help' him and Carter is very proud that he helped build the closets. Plus Gerry is making an effort to hang his clothes up and not leave them on the floor. Now when the kids get too much I go into my closet, close the door and have my serenity.”

It's always a joy to help a client move from a feeling of frustration to a sense of peace and serenity! It's amazing what smart organization and a custom closet can do to change your life.


Karen Petraschuk headshot

Karen Petraschuk



Karen Petraschuk is a design consultant at California Closets Vancouver. She determines the specific needs of her customers and designs a custom system that is not only perfect for their storage needs and personalities, but also ideal for their homes.


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