7 Tips for Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Valentine's Day - California Closets bedroom romance tips

Little touches add romance to your bedroom

For Valentine’s Day, give your bedroom a romantic makeover! Just follow these seven easy tips for creating a romantic atmosphere that you and your partner will love.

Clean up. There’s nothing that kills the mood more than glancing at your floor and thinking, “I need to put the laundry away!” Neaten up the bedroom so that there are no stressful distractions – remember your closets are always a great place to hide clutter!

Cover up. Not you! If you have any machines in your bedroom – TV or computer – cover them with a pretty cloth or scarf. If they’re in a media center, close the doors.

Set the mood. Are candles cliché? Yes. Do they work? Yes. Flickering candlelight is beautiful and romantic, so place a few candles around the room (beeswax or soy candles are the healthiest and most long-lasting).

Remember the love. Display some pictures of your favorite times together – your wedding, vacations or holidays – as a visual reminder of the best parts of your relationship.

Say it with flowers. A gorgeous vase with your partner’s favorite flowers is an elegant symbol of affection and love.

Create a soundtrack. Go old school with a favorite mix CD, or create a playlist on your iPod. Want something more spontaneous? Set up an online “radio” station with Pandora – just choose a genre or artist that puts you and your partner in the mood.

Get comfortable. Make the bed with silky sheets and soft blankets. Want to feel like you’re on your honeymoon again? Sprinkle rose petals on the bed.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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