Articles about Organize This! Winners

Organize This! Makeover: An Amazing Home Office Suite

Our first prize winner Pat Murphy won a closet makeover valued at $20,000, plus an in-person de-cluttering session with organizational expert Peter Walsh.

Design consultant Steve Rothgery helped Pat turn a cluttered, chaotic office into a neat and productive workspace for all of her projects.

Organize This! Makeover: Creating Tranquility

Marla and her husband Jack won a closet makeover valued at $10,000. Design consultant Amy Haller is helping them transform their cluttered bedrooms and playroom into neat, organized spaces.

Organize This! Makeover: Goodbye to Dorm Room Style

Lindsey Holcomb won a closet makeover valued at $5,000. California Closets design consultants helped her transform a dorm room-style closet into a stunning walk-in with unique accessories.

Organize This! Makeover: Removing the Closet Eyesore

Our 3rd Place “Organize This” Contest Winner: Andrew and Julie Shaver, Toronto, Canada

Andrew and Julie won a closet makeover valued at $5,000. Design consultant Alexis Fraser helped them turn an awkward, dysfunctional master bedroom closet into a beautifully organized system with elegant Italian glass doors.

Organize This! Makeover: A Beautiful Bedroom

Our 3rd Place “Organize This” Contest Winner: Deb Heiser-Baer, Mechanicsburg, PA

Deb and her husband won a closet makeover valued at $5,000. They love their new master bedroom closet and wardrobe systems designed by Jeffrey Orr.

Deb’s story:

Deb and her husband had the best of intentions when they moved into their new home six years ago.

But juggling full-time jobs and caring for two young daughters kept DIY and organization projects last on the list.

Organize This! Makeover: Defeating the Toy Invasion

Our 3rd Place “Organize This” Contest Winner: Jennifer Gilligan of Frisco, TX

Jennifer and her family won a closet makeover valued at $5,000. California Closets brought in design consultant Brent Irish and professional organizer Leticia Pfeiffer to transform their clutter and chaos into fun and relaxing spaces for the family.

The Gilligans’ story:

Like many parents, the Gilligans faced a typical problem: far too many toys and not nearly enough storage for it.

Stay Tuned: Our Contest Winners’ Makeover Stories

Since the summer, our six Organize This! Contest winners have been working closely with their local California Closets design consultants to create their dream organization systems.

They struggled with household messes that we can all relate to: out-of-control toys, cluttered master bedroom closets, or home offices buried in papers. But when they won our contest prizes, they knew they could relax - help was on the way!