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Q&A with Ginny: Color Trends

The terrific thing about color is that you can organize and decorate with the trends, while still leaving room to update and upgrade later!

We interviewed Ginny about the biggest color trends that are influencing our custom closet designs this fall. 

Before & After: Classic and Stylish Walk-In Closet

Design consultant Derek Price recently worked with a design-savvy client and busy professional who wanted to to update her poorly designed walk-in closet.

Derek redesigned the closet to feel more bold, contemporary, and visually expansive.

Q&A with Ginny: European Design Trends

Our chief design officer Ginny Snook Scott travels throughout the U.S. and to the Milan Furniture Fair every year seeking out innovative and stylish design trends.

We interviewed Ginny on the hottest European trends that are influencing our custom closet designs throughout North America.

Featured Design: Luxurious Walk-In Closet

So many women dream of a “hers” closet, where everything is custom organized to fit their wardrobe and their lifestyle – without sharing the space with a spouse! This California Closets walk-in is the perfect example of what a dream “his and hers” closet can be. 

Take a look at these pictures and imagine that this is YOUR custom closet!

5 Smart Ways to Store Your Shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Do you have a shoe collection that you adore? Every well-designed custom closet creates beautiful spaces for your treasured footwear.

There are so many options for organizing and displaying your shoes! (No more stacked shoeboxes, ahem.) 

Design Q&A: Sheila Schmitz,

This month, we’re featuring a weekly series of interviews with influential design experts to find out what good design means to them and how they get inspired.

Meet Sheila Schmitz, the editor of the popular design site She lives in San Jose, CA with her husband and cat, and dreams of someday having a very well-organized closet.

The 5 Essential Elements of a Boutique Closet

Custom closets aren’t just functional storage systems, they’re extensions of the style and personality of your home.

With a few simple touches and a smart design you can create your own boutique closet!

4 Ways to Design with Lighting

Lighting can add personality to any design – with a burst of color or a soft glow. As personal tastes or design trends change, these decorative elements can easily be switched out or changed to match new looks.

Get inspired by our range of lighting options that vary from highly functional to definitely decorative!

5 Ways to Use Baskets in Your Storage Design

Baskets are one of the best storage accessories because they make life so much easier! It’s easy to see, grab and put away anything when you use a slide-out basket in your closet.

Get inspired by some of our favorite examples of how to use baskets to improve your closet design.

Surprise! Kids Love Custom Closets Too

Being a California Closets design consultant for as long as Tara has, it’s rare that she finds herself in a new or unique situation. But that’s exactly what happened last month.

Tara had the pleasure of being someone’s surprise birthday present and that someone was only seven years old! Read more about a young girl’s new closet design and what Tara learned along the way.