Closet Systems for Bellevue Customers

At California Closets Bellevue, we think "seeing is believing." We recommend that every customer visit our beautiful showroom, right here in Bellevue to touch, feel, and see firsthand many samples of the workmanship of our closet systems. This is the best place to choose finishes: in color, door and drawer front profiles, handle choices, styles, etc.

Closet Systems Q&A

What are closet systems?
Closet systems are more than just shelves or hanger rods. Closet systems are a way of actively storing your clothes and belongings in a logical and aesthetic way that will improve your Bellevue home organization and your wardrobe experience.

What are the advantages of having closet systems in my Bellevue home?
The advantage of closet systems over store-bought shelves is that they can be made to fit in any closet space, large or small. Custom closet systems can be installed into strangely shaped or sized nooks and crannies in ways that store-bought shelves cannot. If your closet has slanted roof, walk-in space or even just enough room to reach in, for instance, closet systems can still be installed in an efficient, aesthetically pleasing way.

Can I put closet systems in other types of closets besides the bedroom?
Of course! California Closets closet systems can be installed in many other rooms in your Bellevue home: kitchen closet systems, laundry room closet systems, home office closet systems… the possibilities are endless!

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