When Sports Gear and Bedrooms Don't Mix: Why Not Explore Built In Cabinets for Your Bedroom?

Creative ways to make more storage throughout the home

With all the storage options out there, many of them require the same thing: lots of dedicated space. Add to the mix a sports enthusiast (or two!) who have lots of specialized equipment and it's goodbye California King, hello double bed.

How Bedroom Built In Cabinets Add More Storage Throughout Your Home

Want to preserve that spacious feel yet also have all your gear in one place? Fear not – we've discovered some ways to add extra inches to your bedroom.

- Take advantage of unusual shapes. Recesses or strange angles in a room can lead to storage challenges. Often space is wasted because people can't find a piece that exactly fits the space. Built in cabinets can be a great solution in the bedroom as they're custom built for the spaces you need, yet keep floor space clear for other uses (like that giant bed of your dreams).

- Organize to maximize available space. By becoming more organized, people often find they have more space than they imagined. Instead of letting your sports equipment fall wherever it may, try designating a specific area in the bedroom for your workout gear. Bigger items like skis or snowboards can live in closets or hung on a garage wall. Investing in a armoire or taking the time to give your closet an overhaul will show you spaces you could be putting to better use. And our new favorite discovery, bedroom built in cabinets, are a sure way to keep organization under control.

- Find a custom solution to your needs. Working with professionals to design bedroom built in cabinets that fit your personal style and budget is an easy, practical choice. With hundreds, if not thousands, of options you'll have the room to explore what exactly you need and want. Two mountaineers will have different equipment than water polo or yoga enthusiasts. Come prepared with ideas of what you have so your design consultant can quickly wow you with creativity.

One More Idea In Favor of Bedroom Built In Cabinets

We often find that walls aren't used wisely. By putting things up high that you don't need everyday in a bedroom built in cabinet, like seasonal clothing or sports equipment, you'll find even more space. A built in cabinet can hide your hiking, swimming, or tennis gear with ease.

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