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Welcome to California Closets Avon

It may feel difficult to break out of the big-box store realm these days. But if you've been looking for something more both stylistically and functionally, you've found your answer. At California Closets Avon, we customize to the needs and vision of the customer, giving them full agency to get everything they want out of their home storage layout.

Benefits of Working With California Closets Avon

At California Closets Avon, we're not just building you a set of walls: we build systems.  A personally-designed closet will enhance many aspects of your life.

Staying Organized Made Easy

Your closet demands are different from those of your neighbor, and as such, we've made it a cornerstone of our business to find those unique intricacies and build for them. With your closets measured down to the last nook and cranny, you can bet your new products from California Closets Avon will leave everything needing storing with a place to be.

Stylistically Ahead Of The Game

Stop by our showroom or check out our gallery to see evidence of our long-standing commitment to improving the aesthetic presence of storage systems. California Closets Avon proudly offers a tremendous line of accessories and visual enhancements to customers for their styling.

Lose The Clutter For Good

Better organization means more time for you. When you don't have the same pitfalls hanging you up in your routine, you'll find yourself more productive and efficient. Developing a solution at the ground level with California Closets will help you take great strides towards a better, more relaxing home.

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Whether by phone or by e-mail, get in touch with California Closets Avon. One of our team members can get you started right away with a free in-home consultation.




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